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Building A Personal Brand (For a Consultant)

BY : Knowledge@BPW 06 Aug 20

Branding is integral, whether it's a new venture or an already established company. The name, logo, slogan, and reputation of the company resonate with the public. As a consultant, it is necessary to have a strong personal brand to grow the business as you are the company yourself.  A marketer's success lies in translating the expert know-how into hard-hitting content. For a small business, building a personal brand might feel superfluous. However, in reality, it is essential to......

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Creating Company Culture While Working from Home

BY : Knowledge@BPW 10 Jul 20

With the recent developments, work from home seems to be the new trend gearing up to take the market by a storm. Among many positives that the industry experts have come up in favour of the process, there is one crucial concern that seems to eat up heavily on all the positives, and that is how exactly can a company help create and sustain the company culture among the employees. We have curated a few techniques that the companies could adopt to keep up with the company culture while working......

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