Ceramic manufacturing company

Company :

Ceramic manufacturing company

Problem statement :

  • Recurrent demand-supply mismatch leading to lost sales and frequent crisis management
  • High inventory levels but poor order fill rates
  • Poor coordination among sales, manufacturing, and supply chain functions leading to frequent management interventions
  • Silo-culture and turf-politics

Solution :

Using structured diagnostics and benching marking exercise, we created a transformation road-map with specific actions in different process areas. We worked with and hand-held various teams in implementing the action plan in demand-planning, people, processes, and technology topics.

Results :

  • Effective planning mechanism to connect different functions into a clearly defined process flow.
  • Customized tools - such as capacity simulation, sales forecasting, and dashboard – for better decision making and transparent coordination among S&OP
  • team members.
  • Dramatic process improvements in a short time (less than 4-months), such as 80-85% reduction in sales forecasting errors, 20% improvement in plan
  • compliance, lower number of expedited shipments saving logistics cost.
  • Inventory reduction by 20 days and order fill-rates improvements to 95% in less than 6 months delivering significant savings in the working capital.
  • A sea-change in logistics team productivity and inter-functional coordination.

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