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Smart Supply Chain to Multiply Profits

BY : Sanjiv Ray 10 Mar 20

Supply Chain Consultants need to create smarter supply chain strategies not because they can, but because the market needs it now. With the markets evolving rapidly, it has become essential for supply chains to become intelligent in order to overcome the risks and challenges of making profits. Here are four ways how you can create a robust and sustainable supply chain strategy. 1. Build intelligent systems Creating smarter supply chain strategy involves not only detecting what is not......

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Making a Productive Warrior

BY : Sanjiv Ray 28 Jan 20

Do you want to be a ‘productive warrior’ in 2020? We encounter many activities that hardly add any values but tend to persist in our organizational habits. Overtly long meetings, unending streams of emails, pages of pointless MIS – examples are many. In some way, all of us become instrumental in perpetuating these habits. Probably, the key to the change lies in re-focusing and taking-up new habits. Here are a few suggestions: i. One topic to impact business -......

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