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Looking beyond the current Covid-19 crisis

BY : Sanjiv Ray 18 May 20

The current pandemic has disrupted almost all industries and sectors. Thus, the following three concerns would probably top everyone’s mind today: 1. When will the pandemic be over?  Pervasive lockdowns have slowed the virus, but a vaccine seems to be the only lasting solution. However, it may still be many more months until a vaccine is realistically available for everyone. As per WHO April-end update, 8 candidates of the Corona vaccine are in the clinical trial stage,......

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The Growth of Remote Working

BY : Knowledge@BPW 16 May 20

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has created a renewed emphasis on remote working. Unwilling to lose profits but careful enough to not risk public health, companies are left with very little choice but to resort to remote working. Work from home has become the new normal in today’s world. Countries like the U.S. saw a 159% increase in people working as remote workers from 2005 to 2017 which shows the popularity it has gained over the past decade, even before the......

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