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How to Leverage digital marketing

BY : BizPro World 06 May 19

According to research, 90% of companies lack the necessary skills to leverage the digital world of social media. It’s also seen that start-ups struggle more often in finding ways to effectively utilize the same. This means a majority of companies run the risk of falling behind as the digital world surges forward and continues to adapt to customer behaviour and consumer demands. Thus, there is a serious need for a smarter approach to digital marketing which can help businesses to......

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The Sourcing Challenge � next two years

BY : BizPro World 07 Jun 18

The economy has stabilized over the last few months in many countries and in India, it appears to be firmly on the growth path. Capacity utilization has improved significantly in many industries. Management are increasingly optimistic, expecting steady to good growth over the next few years. Companies are going in for significant capital expenditure, after almost 5 years, to be better prepared for the anticipated increase in demand. With growth being witnessed across industries you can feel......

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