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Risk Management Consulting Services

BY : BizPro World 12 Mar 18

The source of any business is a good idea. What is good needs to be adapted to the existing social and economic world. At times certain businesses flourish, while others go bankrupt. To stay afloat and to keep your firm up-to-date with the rapid, almost daily, changes in society and the business environment, you need the specialized services of a risk management consultancy firm. Several different approaches are adopted by management consulting firms, with the objective of helping their......

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Consultant vs Employee

BY : BizPro World 10 Mar 18

In simple words, an employee works full–time for the company. He gets benefits like monthly salary, vacations, benefits, overtime, promotions, leave encashment, gratuity, PF, Insurance, etc. Consultants are specialized professionals, who are experts in their field, often hired for a specialized task / project. With that out of the way, let us look at some of the Pros and Cons for each. 1. A Consultant gets paid for the task given whereas employee gets paid for the month, even if a job......

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