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Software Testing & Integration

BY : BizPro World 12 Mar 18

We all know the various Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Models. My personal experience has been that the most important and complex of all is “Software Testing & Integration (STI)”. STI revolves around a business process, that an organization has / will have. While SDLC talks about processes right from inception to completion and deployment, testing has to be carried out in order to match what was initially promised and what is being delivered. It’s always......

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Marketing of Consulting Services

BY : BizPro World 12 Mar 18

Is it possible to boost business marketing skills and increase customer– base, while keeping current customer base intact with optimum spending ? The answer is Yes, if you have your business strategy, marketing plans, CRM and Operations truly aligned and tightly integrated. Many companies, especially SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses) require access to proven and talented marketing professionals, who can deliver winning punch leading to clear market share growth. Given the limited......

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