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Listing Projects on BizProWorld

BY : Knowledge@BPW 05 Sep 20

BizProWorld is a management consulting platform focused on bringing the best expertise for solving business problems. An increasing clientele of companies uses this platform to find quality consultants/ professionals who help them resolve their business challenges or deal with strategic projects. On the other hand, registered consultants on BizProWorld represent the best from the world of management consulting and business operations. Companies can find quality talent here to handle any kind of......

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Building A Personal Brand (For a Consultant)

BY : Knowledge@BPW 06 Aug 20

Branding is integral, whether it's a new venture or an already established company. The name, logo, slogan, and reputation of the company resonate with the public. As a consultant, it is necessary to have a strong personal brand to grow the business as you are the company yourself.  A marketer's success lies in translating the expert know-how into hard-hitting content. For a small business, building a personal brand might feel superfluous. However, in reality, it is essential to......

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