HR Roles of the FUTURE


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HR Roles of the FUTURE

BY : Raj Verma 07 Sep 20 * Only you can see this blog as it is not approved yet
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Change is here, and it’s best to get a head start

- Future of Work Leader, responsible for analyzing what skills will be most essential as the workforce continues to evolve.

- HR Data Detective, responsible for synthesizing disparate data streams to help solve business problems

- VR Immersion Counsellor - This role would help realize the potential of using #VR to scale programs onboarding, coaching, reskilling, upskilling, and even medical, & safety training

- Strategic HR Business Continuity Director - This person leads the HR response team and works with the CXOs to propose how to create a safe workplace — onsite & Offsite

- Human Bias Officer, ensures that people are treated fairly throughout the entire employee lifecycle

- Work from Home Facilitator, ensures that the orgs processes, policies, & technologies are optimal for remote workers

- Director of Wellbeing - Design services & practices to nurture the emotional, physical, mental, & spiritual health.

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