Building A Personal Brand (For a Consultant)


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Building A Personal Brand (For a Consultant)

BY : Knowledge@BPW 06 Aug 20
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Branding is integral, whether it's a new venture or an already established company. The name, logo, slogan, and reputation of the company resonate with the public. As a consultant, it is necessary to have a strong personal brand to grow the business as you are the company yourself.  A marketer's success lies in translating the expert know-how into hard-hitting content. For a small business, building a personal brand might feel superfluous. However, in reality, it is essential to have a cohesive brand identity. This might sound challenging, but it can be overcome. Read on to know-how. 

1. Add a Personal Touch

From supply chain management consulting to online marketing consulting services, let your personality shine through. The first step of building a personal brand is brand awareness, and to make it impactful, embody what sets you apart. To be memorable, the message of your brand should stand out for all the right reasons. The process of finding out how to add that personal touch to your profession requires trial and error. Once done, authenticity would shine through, and your brand would be a mere reflection of your skills. 

2. Go Online

A personal brand can be well established if it has an online presence via a professional website and social media. The various personal branding manifestos of consultants can be showcased on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Integrating your online presence into a business presence can be a loaded decision but a potentially smart choice. 

3. Establish Yourself

The best way to stay in business is to solidify your image as a subject matter expert. To do so, create a personal blog, speak at events, contribute to publications, or leverage social platforms. The general strategy is sharing the expertise you have with the industry. It is crucial to craft a consistent message, both professionally and personally, to build a reputation and trust. 

4. Build Credibility

Instant recognition comes with visual branding, design elements, and creative marketing efforts. Maintaining consistency while explaining what you do across channels can help ascertain acceptance. Also, effective branding goes a long way as copyrighting your brand and logo ensures your presence. The word of mouth reference never fails, so focus on personable and memorable customer service. If you don't want to spend on Public Relations, develop relationships with the media to spread the word. 

This article should prove beneficial for an independent consultant or a freelance professional. For more tips, you can connect with our experts by registering your company on or mail us on

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