Creating Company Culture While Working from Home


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Creating Company Culture While Working from Home

BY : Knowledge@BPW 10 Jul 20
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With the recent developments, work from home seems to be the new trend gearing up to take the market by a storm. Among many positives that the industry experts have come up in favour of the process, there is one crucial concern that seems to eat up heavily on all the positives, and that is how exactly can a company help create and sustain the company culture among the employees. We have curated a few techniques that the companies could adopt to keep up with the company culture while working from home.

1) Communicate the Company Values

When you are looking to make the team more productive, you can try having a workforce that works remotely from home. According to one of the research conducted by the Harvard Business Review, the productivity of a team increases when they work remotely with the company. However, inculcating the company culture with a remote working team can be a big challenge. Values are at the core of any company culture. Thus, clearly communicating and encouraging to live the company’s values is the best way to keep its culture alive.

Instead of flyers, hoardings or hardcopies, companies can rely on the online versions, soft copies, and live communications such as video conference or town-hall meetings.  And, most importantly, the management and leaders must lead by example by living and showcasing the company values and culture.

2) Make Your Culture Public

If you make your culture public, it becomes a norm. Not only your employees or associates but even the customers and the mass, in general, would know your culture. This would help them gauge the expectations from you, and the society as a whole would help infuse the culture in the employees. This is a piece of advice that small-business(SME) marketing consultants often help their clients with.

3) Grow A Sense of Belonging

When working remotely, the team members - for example the new joinees who have not worked with any of the team members earlier -  might feel out of place and thus may  dilute the company culture due to lack of awareness. To make sure that is not the case it's advisable that once every week or every month, the entire team gets on to a virtual meeting where they can learn about each other and not just discuss work but also try to know each other.

4) Encourage Open Communication

When in a physical office, it's way more natural for an associate to express themselves. It can be a challenging task virtually. This, at times, inevitably takes a toll at the company culture. Thus,  open communication and feedback must be encouraged even in the virtual meetings and interactions.  It’s something quite natural in the freelance or gig economy as they have developed the art of digital conversation due to the nature of their job. No doubt then many of the digital marketing experts are also at the forefront of guiding companies on internal communications as well.

These are some of the many ways in which one can create a company culture while working remotely. These steps not only help to communicate the company culture but also at times help improve them. We expect most companies to implement these methods in the post-Covid world.

Happy to hear your ways and method of enhancing your company’s culture in today's time. Let us know on

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