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Why should you choose BizProWorld

BY : Knowledge@BPW 19 Jun 20
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BizProWorld is a B2B platform of business consultants that partners with its clients to solve their critical business challenges. These experts are highly skilled in their respective domains, namely, strategic planning, sales & marketing, supply chain & operations management, IT, Finance, and HR. They support companies in executing various kinds of projects – from specific functional issues to larger muti-department transformative projects. With the diversity of talent, quality of experts, and client-focused ROI approach – BizProWorld is fast emerging as the preferred one-stop destination for business consulting.   

1. Unique Serving Proposition (USP) of BizProWorld

  • We bring the best business talents at BizPro World.com.
  • We curate proven and verified experts best suited to deliver business projects.
  • We provide end-to-end project management support to execute business transformations.
  • We offer flexibility to hire quality talents for any business project of any size, duration or intensity.
  • BizProWorld delivers superlative ROI to clients compared to any alternative consulting options

2. Support features on BizProWorld platform:

  • Free Project Posting: The process of posting a project is simple consisting of three steps- registration on the platform, making a brief profile page, and posting project requirements through a guided format.
    • The above steps can be done in one go using 'Post A Project' links on the website. The entire process is FREE of cost. 
  • Multiple Pricing Options: It provides a user-friendly application for creating consulting contracts and milestones after the project is awarded.
  • Secure Payments: It has an in-built secure payment option for direct payments from the client to the consultant with nominal bank changes. This option is preferred by a large number of users.
  • 24/7 Online Tracking and Collaboration: It facilitates ease of messaging & sharing data or files between the client and the consultant. This service is available 24/7 and can be accessed through the Dashboards.
    • It also lets you track the progress of projects including options for milestone-based invoice submission and payments.
  • Feedbacks & Ratings: As part of the continuous rating and inputs for self-improvement, consultants can seek feedback from their clients. Similarly, consultants can rate their clients too.
  • Personalized Dashboard: It provides a Dashboard which contains all necessary links & functions. All project-related communication can be stored at a single place that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.
  • PMO Support: The platform ensures both client and consultant get the necessary support required during a project. In addition to this, various blogs and resources are also present which can be accessed FREE of cost.

BizProWorld is one of the best platforms to partner with a qualified expert for any business project. To get in touch with experienced business consultants, register your company on www.bizproworld.com.

To know more, connect with us through our website or mail us on connect@bizproworld.com.

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