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BY : Knowledge@BPW 27 May 20
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Building a personal brand is extremely important to land your dream job. A good LinkedIn profile helps you build it, provided you put in time and effort. A LinkedIn profile is like an interactive business card designed to attract potential recruiters, networking contacts, or consulting projects. Here are a few tips for you to do so:

1. The right profile picture: The first impression works here as well. A great looking professional profile picture is the key to stand out from the crowd. Remember not to upload a casual photo; this is not your Facebook profile. A high quality, professional-looking headshot of you alone, is required for a professional environment like LinkedIn.

2. An accurate headline: You have only 120 characters to grab the attention of your audience. It doesn’t have to be your role at your current company. Use the space wisely to add up to three positions you can fill, or your specialty. Your headline consists of the keywords recruiters will be searching for on LinkedIn.

3. A professional summary statement: Don’t let that 2000-character space got to waste. Use this space to tell your story, of course, in a professional way. It should include 70-80% of your professional experience and rest, your personal story so that the readers understand you. It should resemble your best cover letter. The summary should say about your goals, qualifications, as well as any professional experience (if any), internships, and volunteer work. It should include bullet points and split into paragraphs for easy understanding.

4. Show off your achievements: Don’t try to be humble and shy away from boasting about your grades and GPA. Boast about the honours and awards you have acclaimed and add your projects in their respective sections.

5. Customise your URL: The default LinkedIn URL is composed of a gibberish combination of letters and numbers. You are more than that. Make sure to customise your LinkedIn URL with your first and last name, so that it is easy to put in on your resume as well.

6. Get recommendations: Getting recommendations and endorsements from a third-person builds credibility. Make sure to ask your colleagues and managers to endorse you in the skills section or give advice.

These are some of the essential checkpoints to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. Make sure you update your profile regularly. Remember, to keep it professional, yet something personal. These tips will help you grow your connection and land your dream project.

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