The Growth of Remote Working


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The Growth of Remote Working

BY : Knowledge@BPW 16 May 20 1 LIKE
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The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has created a renewed emphasis on remote working. Unwilling to lose profits but careful enough to not risk public health, companies are left with very little choice but to resort to remote working. Work from home has become the new normal in today’s world. Countries like the U.S. saw a 159% increase in people working as remote workers from 2005 to 2017 which shows the popularity it has gained over the past decade, even before the pandemic.

Emerging digitalization has formed the basis for this growth. The availability and accessibility of video conferencing and collaboration tools have encouraged this new style of working. The evolution of supporting technologies such as powerful mobile devices, ultra-fast internet connections, and the proliferation of cloud-based storage and SaaS solutions are also key factors lying behind this growth. As a result, more and more companies around the globe are now ready to offer this flexibility and an increasing number of sectors are slowly adopting remote working. Additionally, shared office spaces where remote employees can gather to work are also witnessing a rise these days.

There are various reasons why employees and companies are embracing remote working as an option. It carries attractive benefits for both parties.

  • Remote working enhances productivity as office distractions and interruptions decrease leading to reduced pressure and stress. The comfort that remote working brings allows one to be more organized, prioritize tasks and utilize time efficiently. The usual time and energy lost in daily commuting are now saved.
  • Since companies do not have to restrict recruitment of employees geographically, they can find a larger pool of talent and better-qualified candidates. Thus, companies can recruit and retain the best staff.
  • Both employers and employees can save costs. Companies can cut down office rent, maintenance, utilities, and space costs whereas employees can take advantage of reduced travel costs.
  • Work from home promotes a better work-life balance and well-being which leads to greater happiness, motivation, and satisfaction.

Thus, given the increasing demand for remote working opportunities and flexible working policies, the future of remote working is brighter than ever. It is here to stay, and we must be ready to adapt to this changing work culture.

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