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How to Leverage digital marketing

BY : BizPro World 06 May 19
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According to research, 90% of companies lack the necessary skills to leverage the digital world of social media. It’s also seen that start-ups struggle more often in finding ways to effectively utilize the same. This means a majority of companies run the risk of falling behind as the digital world surges forward and continues to adapt to customer behaviour and consumer demands. Thus, there is a serious need for a smarter approach to digital marketing which can help businesses to effectively leverage the ever evolving digital landscape.
Does your business generates enough leads or you are spending too much time and money on marketing with no fruitful results? Here are the ways to generate more leads and get more conversion using social media technology, and get the right ROI.
Create Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website:
Digital Advertisements –
Digital advertising includes promotional advertisements and messages delivered through email, social media websites, online advertising on search engines, banner ads on mobile or websites. Digital ads are easy and effective ways to attract people to your website, through search engines like Google and Mobile Ads are particularly effective as more and more users are using mobiles as compared to computers.
Blogging & SEO –
Start with blogging as it is a great way to get your business found by the search engine. The more you are able to work with effective keywords through your blogs and website content, the easier it gets for visitors to find your website. Show off your expertise by creating quality blog posts. It will definitely increase traffic on your website.
Maximize Engagements with Visitors and Convert Them to Customers:
Automation –
Marketing automation makes the buyer’s journey towards becoming a paying customer significantly easier for the Businesses. Now, you can automate the generation of personalized emails based on the page of the website viewed by the visitor. By compiling information about what your clients are doing on the website, you can also create workflows to automate engagement of the visitor improving conversion rates.
Mobile –
Mobile internet usage continues to grow. If your digital marketing campaign does not take into account visitors who are finding your site on mobile devices, you are potentially losing countless customers. Therefore, it is essential to create a mobile optimized website for your business. It can even circumvent cost for developing mobile applications.
Assure Customer Satisfaction:
Customers now want to develop relationships with those behind the business and feel as though their individual needs and questions are being met and answered. It provides ready materials for the customer engagement team to reach out to new customers with more relevant communications and thus improve conversion.
Evaluate Your Campaign, Refine, and Enhance It:
Analytics –
By measuring the success of your various strategies through Google analytics, A/B testing, and measuring lead conversions, you can monitor your campaigns and adapt and refine them for success as you go forward.
Bottom Line: With these tools, you have the power to build a successful marketing campaign. They will help you drive traffic towards your site while also engaging your visitors and converting them into leads. Digital marketing may not be rocket science, but require adaptive intelligence of evolving technologies, sense of social media trends, and most importantly strong fundamentals of marketing management. It’s definitely not just a ‘tech’ play.

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