FMCG e-commerce company serving small shops or kirana sector

Company :

FMCG e-commerce company serving kirana sector

Problem statement :

  • Inefficient warehouse layout with poor space utilization.
  • Manual and repetitive processes leading to merchandize damages and frequent errors.
  • Large space (20% of floor area) blocked by returned and expired stock. Poor stock keeping of the same.
  • Fluctuating space requirement necessitating frequent extra space hiring, which led to additional cost and stock management issues.

Solution :

  • Redesign of warehouse layout; process streamlining and technology integration.

Results :

  • 3.5 times jump in storage capacity in the same warehouse area. It saved significant extra cost of recurrent space hiring.
  • 30% reduction in picking and order fulfilment time, with additional benefits of lower stock damages.
  • Streamlining of stock return and expiry management with time bound action/ escalation SOP.
  • Improved performance, such as faster order turnaround time and higher accuracy. Cycle count accuracy, in terms of sku-location accuracy, surged to 97% within a month of implementation.

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